5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are Important

Once solely a Twitter feature, the hashtag is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Instagram & other social media platforms. It’s difficult to argue against the simplicity and effectiveness of the hashtag. It’s easily created and searchable and has become an extraordinary marketing tool for businesses, organizations, celebrities, and even the average individual.

Here are 5 reasons to explain why hashtags are important.


Hashtags can be used to research competitor accounts, their top posts, and their most-used hashtags to stay relevant in the business.

Branding and Visibility

Branding and visibility are essentially the most effective uses of hashtags on social media. Creating Brand’s own hashtag or choosing a hashtag with little use, gives the Brand the chance to dominate that hashtag with them. Continuously including that hashtag in Brand posts not only helps increase the visibility but helps users begin to associate the business with that hashtag, further establishing the brand.


Hashtags create great visibility for a campaign and help Brands to reach their target audience by using relevant hashtags that they know their audience is already following.


Nowadays, hashtags are widely used to share the Social activities of Brands. And many customers are loyal to brands because of their social stance. So, depending on the brand, it may be beneficial to use hashtags to show support for the causes the Brand believes in.


The location tag is an excellent way to promote local brick-and-mortar businesses or increase exposure in a specific area, especially if Social media pulls it into location-based Stories in the explore feed. And when tagging locations like city neighbourhoods or popular cities, the brand can reach local, state, regional, and national audiences.