6 Reasons why Pinterest should not be ignored

Over the past couple of years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites and  a powerhouse social network for businesses in today’s world. When it comes to Social media marketing, Pinterest helps in expanding the reach of the business to its potential customers who might not see the brand otherwise. 

Here are 6 reasons that will convince you to include Pinterest in your  Social Media Marketing Strategy. 


1. Pinterest Converts More Browsers into Buyers

The unique feature of Pinterest compared to most social media handles, is that it reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. This means that visitors from Pinterest convert into leads or sales faster than any other social media sources. Regardless of what you sell or offer, images are a provocative way of telling a story, and Pinterest gives brands a great opportunity to do so immediately.

 2. Pinterest Drives Tons of Traffic

Pinterest is a great tool for increasing links back to the website, thus driving more traffic. More effective than Facebook and Google+. Pinterest is transforming and becoming a better source of advertising. This site has always been a platform to pin your visual wish list, and it  is now turning into a true e-commerce player. Pinterest has become the top most social site for e-commerce sharing.

3. Pins Gets You More Inbound Links

Marketers love it when people share their content and link back. What’s great about Pinterest is that every pin includes a link that gets back to the source of the image. With Pinterest’s growing popularity, it will provide you with very valuable inbound links. These are no follow links which will direct visitors back to the website which is always beneficial. 

4. Cross-Promoting Business Locally

Pinterest Place Pins are special types of pins that allow associating image pins with geographic locations and extra information such as addresses and phone numbers. Pinterest Place Pins can be used for business networking and cross promoting the brand locally with other non-competitive businesses, especially with those who are enjoying a substantial follower count.

5. Discover What Your Audience Love

Pinterest is a great place to discover trends. From marketing to fashion and beyond, what people love to share is discoverable. Following back the followers will reveal what inspires them. This gives an opportunity to understand what’s hot today and use that information to plan your own offers and products. Pinterest also makes it easy to see trending data in specific categories.

6. Reach More Customers

Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your brand products and show your passion in a particular area. When the content engages people, they will like and share (repin) it, which will help your brand’s content spread virally. Pinterest ensures that your brand reaches more customers, who might not have been exposed to your existing marketing channels earlier.