Contribution of 2020 to create the young Indian consumers

India’s rapid growth is creating a new generation of consumers that promise to be an increasingly important market for years to come. The pandemic pushed remote functioning to be adopted by the country and had multiple and lasting effects on various business sectors. 

The report says as per Goldman Sachs, 81% of consumers will choose natural beauty products, the evolution of healthy eating where over 86% of young Indian consumers have become more conscious of their food intake and the scrutiny that plays before dining out have found their place in the food industry where for 91% of people, hygiene standards will play a big role when deciding to eat out. Further, the report gives some interesting observations as to how 72% of Indians adopted various means to practice mindfulness through the course of 2020.

2020 allowed marketers to think, introspect and observe the consumer. The pandemic has made individuals re-evaluate their lives and the way they spend time. People seem to be showing their more authentic selves to their families. For marketers, the key is to keep Marketing Communication real and relatable. Marketers need to do deep dive into the evolved family roles now, before planning any campaign. Because of the pandemic, the consumers became more empathetic towards others. For example, you can find more men in Kitchen nowadays.