Local radio continues to punch above its weight when it comes to return on investment for marketing campaigns. Radio has been a titan in the communication centre since its inception in the early 20th century. Adored by millions, radio has grown to be a significant platform in today’s society. Its popularity gave birth to a type of advertising called radio marketing. Radio still holds a great deal of potential for brands. Among other things, a well-executed radio campaign can increase awareness and convey your brand personality like no other medium. It can build customer loyalty and promote your products and services at a lower cost than other forms of advertising.


Radio allows messages to be tailored and localized to each targeted audience. Advertisers can direct their message to specific demographics, psychographics, geographic areas, and around events and genres in a market. Radio advertisements are tailored to particular times of day to ensure you’re reaching your desired audience at precisely the right time.


Radio enables you to speak openly to your listeners. Rather than seeing your name and associating it with an online or outdoor display, those who’ve heard your radio ad a few times form a mental image of your brand based on your tone, attitude, and message.

An integrated marketing approach is the most effective way to deliver a consistent message across multiple channels. And radio pairs perfectly with other media too — even digital.


When done correctly, radio marketing is a cheap and effective marketing strategy. Unlike television, print, and internet ads that cost a lot, radio ads require fewer funds to produce.

Radio ads only require either a pre-recorded message or a short script. The station will then play your recording to broadcast your brand’s announcement at the agreed time. As for the writing, an announcer will read it to the audience. You can also send these same messages and scripts across all stations of your choice. With a written script, you can create an advert for the radio within a short period. Radio ads do not require much planning. Furthermore, you can translate your message into different languages suiting the market conditions. You can also adjust that same message minutes to broadcast time.

Radio listeners demonstrate significantly higher ad awareness & brand consideration of radio advertised brands. It lends itself particularly well to top-of-funnel communications and awareness-building campaigns. Brands that advertise on radio stations enjoy higher levels of awareness and brand consideration.