Meme Marketing – A Major Marketing Factor


Meme marketing might seem like a laughable matter — and it is — though the return on investment is no joke. 

In this digital age, memes have come to mean something almost entirely different — almost! Humorous images, video, text, or GIFs distributed on social media, almost always has a derivative of other media. Over the course of its life, a successful meme will have changed dozens of times to potentially embody new meaning altogether. Still, a meme will always maintain some defining quality, some pattern or structure that makes it identifiable.

Marketers must understand the structure of the meme they plan on using and keep a pulse on what memes are trending to get their marketing endeavours right. Since the internet is quite vast, there are countless memes which some may find funny and others won’t. Knowing your audience goes a long way in picking a reproducible meme with cultural significance.

A few months ago in August, people were bugged with the same question when the trend Binod started appearing all over Twitter – so much so that from brands to police departments, everyone started sharing posts under the trend to put across their messages. In fact, people searched about it so much that it also made it to the top of the “What is” category in Google’s Year in Search’ list for 2020. This, however, is not the only meme trend that intrigued and amused people. There were also others like “Rasode main Kaun tha” and “Da Vinky”. Now ‘Pawri’ & ‘Shweta’ are also in trend.

The power of memes as a marketing vehicle has been proved time and again – how far & how innovatively the meme marketing language goes will be interesting to see.