Reasons why Influencer Marketing works

Influencer marketing combines word-of-mouth reviews with celebrity endorsements. Brands work to find a public figure or well-known name within their niche and ask them to talk about their products or engage with their content.

Depending on the company, this can be a low-key exercise, or a pricey form of marketing. On one end, small non-profits ask local news anchors or RJs to promote them. On the other end, some brands are willing to pay lacs of Rupees just for one Instagram post from any Bollywood celebrity or Cricketer. Finding the right partner to showcase the brand is key, and when it’s done right, the brand can flourish.

The rise of ad-blockers has led to more companies trying to connect with potential customers on a personal level instead of broadcasting blanket ads. Companies have started using influencers as recruiters for their brands. Their blog might only reach 1,000 people per day, but their influencer’s blog might reach 1,000,000. Even if just 2% of their influencer’s visitors come to the site, the brand is still going to triple their audience.

Influencer marketing depends on the chosen spokesperson, but also on the products or services offered.

Taking advantage of various social media networks and people that have over 10,000 followers on those networks can help the business grow significantly.

YouTube is an extremely efficient way to promote any product or service. It is the second most influential platform after Facebook and we all know that video is the most engaging medium for any type of content.

According to the recent influencer marketing statistics by Google, 60% of consumers make their purchases due to recommendations on social networks. Impressive, isn’t it?