Best Brand Activation Agency for your Next Canter Activity

Insync Marketing is one of the top Roadshow Marketing agencies in India executing Roadshows employing innovative ideas and creativity Pan-India
Brand Activations these days are about creating unforgettable Brand Experiences for the TG. Our Experiential Marketing campaigns have won awards for creating fun and Immersive Brand Experiences for customers.

We conduct BTL marketing activities across markets which allow brands to build a relationship with their customers resulting in Brand loyalty and an increase in sales leads

Canter Activations are one of the best Experiential Marketing Campaigns

What is a Roadshow?

A Roadshow Campaign also known as Canter activation contains a branded canter that covers multiple cities with the goal of reaching the target audience in different locations.
What Does Roadshow Marketing Involve?

Roadshows can be used for a huge variety of promotional reasons. For example, to raise general brand awareness, promote a specific product or service, test a new product, distribute leaflets and discounts, give away free samples, run competitions, collect data or feedback from the public, customer engagement and more! Canter Activations has huge potential and possibilities!

Nowadays, Canter Activations commonly utilize experiential marketing. Rather than simply promoting a product, this kind of brand marketing aims to fully immerse consumers in an experience, creating a lasting memory between the consumer and the brand. This can be through hands-on experiences such as games or competitions, flash mobs, world-record attempts, or anything else exciting and attention-grabbing.
What is Canter Activation’s Promotional Staff?

Another important factor of roadshow marketing is the staff that you hire. The way that your promotional staff interacts with and connects with the public is an integral part of your roadshow’s success. Staff should be warm, approachable, engaging, and knowledgeable about the company and its products/services.

This is where Insync Marketing comes in!

Where can Canter Activations be Located?
Canter Activations can take place all year round and in nearly all locations, such as:
• Train stations
• High streets
• Festivals
• Shopping Centres
• Exhibitions
• Supermarkets
• Outside arenas or stadiums
• Signals

These are all areas with high footfall, so thousands of people are likely to walk past and potentially be enticed by the roadshow. Although roadshows can technically take place all year around, the weather should be considered when planning such events.

Benefits of a Canter on wheels for Experiential Marketing
Here are the three key reasons you should be considering Canter on wheels for your next Experiential Marketing

1. Improved ROI
2. High Customer engagement
3. Increased Brand Awareness