Best Mall Activations

As a Brand Activation Agency, we believe that despite technological advancements, the allure of direct engagement remains. In this landscape, marketing agencies are actively exploring novel avenues to connect with customers. Among these avenues, Mall Activations stand out as a form of Experiential Marketing that Marketing agencies adapt. It allows the Brands to engage with the shoppers and promote brands, products or services.

Mall Activations: A Unique form of Experiential Marketing

Mall activations encompass marketing events or initiatives conducted within shopping malls, targeting shoppers to try brands, products, or services. These activations aim to capture the attention of mall visitors, create memorable experiences, and drive interactions between consumers and brands. As a Mall activation Agency we believe that Mall activations manifest in diverse ways, encompassing interactive exhibits, kiosks, artistic installations, live performances, competitions, and experiential ventures. Top Mall Activation Agencies believe that the overarching objective is to amplify brand presence, draw in pedestrian flow, and foster a favorable link with the mall surroundings.

Mall Activations undertaken by Brands

Pictionary Game by Mattel: This initiative unfolded in Toronto, Canada, and is considered one of the best mall activations undertaken, where an Interactive Kiosk was strategically positioned in the mall’s lobby. Participants engaged in a spirited game of Pictionary, vying for the chance to claim enticing rewards upon victory. This interactive marketing approach not only effectively showcased the product but also kindled curiosity among onlookers.

Cadbury Bubbly: This initiative took place at Palladium Mumbai, where a digital display featuring Cadbury chocolate was strategically positioned. As individuals walked past the screen, it seamlessly transitioned to showcase their new product, dynamically adapting to the movement of the people as they crossed its path.

Pago Juices: A mall activation event was introduced, featuring an interactive kiosk equipped with advanced human motion tracking and gesture recognition technology. The kiosk displayed an engaging game using Pago juices and participants who emerged won were awarded with a complimentary beverage.

Hamleys: As part of their brand promotion strategy, Hamleys established a typical experience zone within malls. This dedicated area, themed around “Masha and the Bear,” was designed to offer children an immersive encounter. Here, enthusiastic promoters and mascots engaged with young visitors, creating an interactive space for them to enjoy and explore.

Snickers: To launch their innovative product “Snickers goes Veg,” Snickers orchestrated a captivating mall event. They established an engaging stall in the mall’s entrance area, complete with an interactive gaming kiosk. Participants were invited to partake in a puzzle challenge, and once successfully solved, they were presented with a screen offering the choice to share their accomplishment on Facebook. As a reward for their participation, they received a complimentary Snickers bar.

Koffee with Karan: In anticipation of an upcoming season of “Koffee with Karan,” Star World aimed to engage and enthrall its fan base. In both Mumbai and Delhi, they orchestrated a remarkable 3D installation mirroring the set of the show. An enthusiastic emcee engaged with the crowd, fostering interactions and permitting them to capture moments beside the iconic couch and coffee mugs. Attendees were also gifted a complimentary “Koffee with Karan” mug, enhancing the excitement surrounding the show’s new season.

According to Mall Activation companies know that Mall activations have proven to be dynamic and effective strategies for brands to connect with their target audience on a personal level. These interactive experiences transform the traditional shopping environment into a platform for engagement, education, and entertainment. With a well-thought-out approach to crafting immersive installations, harnessing interactive technologies, and presenting alluring incentives, brands possess the ability to etch enduring impressions in the minds of visitors. This, in turn, nurtures the growth of brand allegiance and consciousness among consumers.