Crafting Success: A Case Study on Free Standing Units (FSU)

Insync Marketing as one of the Top Brand Activation Agency has expertise in curating Free Standing Units (FSU) for various brands, offering a unique avenue for product promotion. FSU units serve as eye-catching displays stationed at stores, strategically designed to attract TG. Here’s a glimpse into some of the notable FSU units curated by us:

Dreamery FSU Unit and Bay Breakers:
For Dreamery, we devised a captivating strategy by crafting a FSU unit shaped like a cow to promote their product. This innovative approach garnered attention and effectively conveyed the brand’s message. Additionally, Bay Breakers were strategically installed at various outlets, enhancing visibility and consumer engagement.

Park Avenue:
When tasked with curating a FSU for Park Avenue perfumes, we delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated product display with experiential marketing. The FSU allowed consumers to not only view the products but also test them, courtesy of a dedicated testing station positioned adjacent to the display. This immersive experience contributed to heightened brand awareness and consumer satisfaction.

Kingfisher Radler:
Insync Marketing’s prowess in FSU creation was further exemplified in their collaboration with Kingfisher Radler. The FSU designed for Kingfisher Radler was stationed across multiple outlets, effectively highlighting its unique selling proposition (USP) – beer-like goodness sans alcohol. This strategic placement ensured maximum visibility and communicated the brand’s message with clarity, ultimately driving consumer interest and sales.

As one of the Top Experiential Marketing Agencies we pride ourselves to craft FSU units that align seamlessly with the identity and objectives of each brand. Whether it’s the whimsical charm of Dreamery, the sophistication of Park Avenue, or the distinctive appeal of Kingfisher Radler, Insync Marketing’s FSU units are tailored to resonate with TG while accentuating the brand’s identity.