Interactive Branding Activities on Durga Pooja

Durga Puja stands as a prominent and cherished festival in West Bengal, emphasizing the triumph of good over evil, rooted in the tale of Goddess Durga’s vanquishing of the demon king Mahishasura. This festival is deeply ingrained in the belief that the Goddess descends to her earthly realm during this period to bestow her blessings upon her worshippers. Durga Puja holds immense cultural and religious importance for the Bengali community and the Top Marketing Agencies take advantage of this festivity to help their clients increase their brand awareness.

As a Branding agency we try to find new and innovative ways to help companies promote their brand and create awareness. Below are a few examples of Innovative Branding solutions undertaken by brands.

In the year 2016, during Durga Puja celebration at the Ahiritola Sarbojanin Durgotsav Samiti Pandal in Kolkata, the Goddess was graced with a unique and exquisite embellishment. The Marketing Agency found an innovative way where they came up with A remarkable 15-foot by 22-foot idol of the deity that was bedecked entirely with Dalda bottles. Every detail, from the jewelry and crown to the elaborate decorations on the idol, showcased intricate designs using Dalda bottles. The entire arrangement was fashioned into a captivating 3D art piece, and more than 2000 bottles were skillfully incorporated into the display.

In a remarkable display of festive branding, Lakme has elevated its engagement with Durga Puja by featuring the beauty of Goddess Durga. Executed by One of the top Branding Agencies, the ‘Pujo Ready with Lakme’ promotional campaign unfolded over a two-week period. It commenced in the bustling streets of Gariahat in South Kolkata, where a makeover van was stationed to promote five distinct Durga Puja looks for Sashti, Saptami, Ashthami, Nabami, and Dashami, spanning from understated elegance to vibrant traditional charm.
This Experiential Marketing Agency extended this initiative to various locations, including the iconic New Market in Central Kolkata, where shoppers had the opportunity to witness live makeover experiences. The on-ground activation was followed by a unique road fashion show, featuring models strutting their stuff on a natural stone-paved runway, accompanied by traditional dhakis. This fusion of beauty, glamor, and ethnic culture made for a groundbreaking event in the city, celebrating both tradition and style.

Amira Nature Foods Ltd, a prominent basmati rice brand, marked the Durga Puja festivities in Kolkata with a distinctive Amira twist to the traditional rituals. For this initiative Branding agency’s primary goal of this brand activation was to connect with women, recognizing the special place this festival holds in their hearts. As part of an extensive Durga Puja feast, over 1,000 kg of Amira rice was used to prepare biryani, which was generously shared with over one lakh visitors over a span of four days.

Durga Puja stands as a highly cherished festival in West Bengal, and, as evident, numerous marketing and branding firms have devised innovative approaches to commemorate the occasion while concurrently enhancing awareness and promotion. The best brand activation agencies invest substantial creativity and consideration in fashioning remarkable branding strategies.