Our Top 3 Favorite Campaigns

One can always learn from other successful Marketing campaigns.
The Internet has made it easy for businesses to reach to more people faster and achieve their desired goals. Well-planned and executed marketing campaigns by professional marketers can help in obtaining the desired results faster with more ROI.
Every marketing campaign has different kinds of goals and its success is measured based on the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving the planned goals. The goals might be creating awareness of their product or lead generation for their business.
Here are our top 3 favorite viral marketing campaigns for your geeky mind.

Butter Cookie Launch Campaign By Amul:

Being one of the most creative brands in India, Amul came up with an excellent marketing campaign on Social Media that got them a great response from the audience.
Firstly they shared posts informing the audience about the percentage of butter in their cookies and differentiating them from their competitors without calling out any names. Later, they launched a contest on Twitter with a customized hashtag with simple rules of sharing the photo of their favorite butter cookie and the percentage of butter used in making them, along with the photo of Amul Butter Cookie.
Here is what they achieved:
Built product Awareness Without Spending Any Money On Advertising about It
Built Social Proof that their Close Competitor Good Day has Only 2% Butter
Drove Sales as to Enter, the participant has to share their product photo
Making this campaign a great one building product awareness within a short time and selling it in large volumes with no money spent was the ultimate way to get higher Returns On Investment from this campaign.


Smiling Face Packaging By Lays India:

The goal of this infamous campaign was to encourage people to taste different flavors of Lays potato chips. So they came up with a great marketing strategy by packing the lays covers with human smiles and the type of smile on a particular flavored chips package was different from the others.
They launched the contest and asked people to participate in that contest by taking a selfie when buying the flavored chips package that has the type of smile they would like. This led to many people encouraging their friends as well to buy lays even though they were not traditional buyers, just to participate and ultimately helping the brand in making people try those flavors.


Smiling Partner Profile Picture By Zomato:

Zomato is one of the top food delivery apps in India used by people to place food orders from the restaurant of their choice that would get delivered by the Zomato Rider. Recently a customer who got food delivered by a rider named SONU made a TikTok video discussing with him about the job such as the payment, hours of work, etc.
During the video, the delivery partner SONU showed an amazing smile that made the video go viral on the TikTok platform. When the video went viral with millions of views making the rider a celebrity overnight many started making memes using his photo where he was smiling reaching more people again.
Using this situation Zomato changed its profile picture to the photo of happy rider SONU. This helped the brand drive more engagement and applause from social media users. This is one great example of Moment Marketing Strategy.

Conclusion: With Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram any brand can reach or advertise to more people in short durations without spending any money if their content is extra-ordinary.
Proper planning and right implementation at the right time are a must for marketing campaigns to be extremely successful.